New patients have been included recently to EPISTOP in the Netherlands, Italy and Australia. There are together 65 patients included in EPISTOP study already

Last week new patients have been included in Belgium and Poland. In total there are 61 patients in EPISTOP now.

We are pleased to announce that two new Partners joined EPISTOP Consortium. A.R.S. Consulting s.r.l. (Rome, Italy) is experienced in technical and financial management of research projects while Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (Brisbane, Australia) is one of the biggest hospitals in Australia with excellent specialists experienced in TSC.

We look forward to develop successful cooperation within extended EPISTOP Consortium!

Recently two patients joined the study in Berlin. So far, 58 patients are participating in the EPISTOP study!

Last week three new patients joined our study – two in Italy and one in Austria. In total there are 56 patients in EPISTOP currently.