Recently two patients joined the study in Berlin. So far, 58 patients are participating in the EPISTOP study!

Last week three new patients joined our study – two in Italy and one in Austria. In total there are 56 patients in EPISTOP currently.

EPIXCHANGE is another EC-funded project focusing on epilepsy. Its closing meeting will take place in Ferrara on October 27-29, 2015. The meeting ‘Epilepsy research in the EU – state of the art and opportunities for the future’ aims at gathering together all EU-funded and currently ongoing research projects, specifically focusing on epilepsy. EPISTOP is one of the 6 projects that are receiving funds from the EU. Those projects (EPIXCHANGE, EPITARGET, EPImiRNA, EPISTOP, DESIRE, EPIPGX) all together account for a total EU investment of about 70 million euros.

At this meeting, coordinators and partners of each project are invited to present their results and future aims. The objectives and progress of EPISTOP will be presented by our coordinator prof. Sergiusz Jozwiak. Prof. Paolo Curatolo will present about the impact of epilepsy on mental development and autism and prof. Lieven Lagae will discuss EEG as an early biomarker of epilepsy onset in young children.

During the 31st International Epilepsy Congress in Istanbul, Hanna Hulshof (UMC Utrecht) won the award for ‘best poster’ with her poster entitled “Brain MRI abnormalities in TSC1 and TSC2 patients – a pilot study”. Furthermore, EPISTOP was well represented with posters from Jackelien, Arnand, Angelika (AMC Amsterdam), Theresa (MUW Wien) and Barbora (FN MOTOL Prague).

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At the International TSC Conference in Windsor, prof. Paolo Curatolo received the prestigious Manuel Gomez Award 2015 from Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (TSA). This award is for "creative or pioneering efforts that have appreciably improved either the understanding of the disease or the clinical care available for individuals with tuberous sclerosis."