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The epiXchange conference took place May 23, 2018 in Brussels. The main goal of this conference was to showcase major findings from seven large European epilepsy research projects, amongst which the EPISTOP project. 

The full live stream of the epiXchange conference can be found by clicking here

An overview of the EPISTOP project was given by prof. S. Józwiak (21:29). 

Afterwards, EPISTOP was represented in the different thematic sessions:
1. Translational research in biomarkers
    "EEG changes as biomarker for emerging epilepsies in TSC" by prof. L. Lagae (1:28:26)

2. Genetics of epilepsy - Therapeutics implications
"Genetics and Mosaicism in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: preliminary analysis of association with seizure phenotype in
     EPISTOP" by prof. D. Kwiatkowski (2:22:37)

3. Innovation Therapeutics & Translation
"Preseizure vs postseizure treatment of epilepsy - pros and cons" by prof. S. Józwiak (3:34:56)

4. Understanding Co-morbidities in the Epilepsies
  "Autism in Tuberous sclerosis: early developmental trajectories, potential biomarkers and treatment strategies" by prof. P.
     Curatolo (4:47:18)

5. Biobanks and Databases - Basis for Translational Research
"Biobanking in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: challenges and opportunities for understanding epilepsy and cognitive and   
     behavioural co-morbidities" by prof. E. Aronica (6:05:57)


Below you can find the presentation of prof. S. Józwiak on the structure of the EPISTOP project:

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